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Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring oil is used in making hard candy, rock candy, and almost anything where sugar is the main ingredient.  Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring oil can also be used to add more flavor to foods other than candy--such as flavoring dry herbs, like tea leaves, or to make a smoothie more flavorful. Candy flavor can even to help deliver great flavor in a cocktail drink.  

Although our Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring oil is called "oil" it is always in a water base.  If you need Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring oil in a true oil base, please mention that in the comment section of our order form.

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Since Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring never comes sweet, you may want to add a sweet element when you are not making sugar items such as candy.  Some customers also add a sour element when they blend their own flavors.  We also sell a sour note. 

Our Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring is so potent it will not taste good directly on your tongue.  Typically it must be diluted into a base such as sugar or cane syrup and at a very small percentage-like one percent. 

We create professional strength Bourbon Flavor candy flavoring oil in our laboratories and we are not a reseller.  If you do not see your favorite flavor on our menu we can duplicate it at no extra charge.  If the flavor is unusual and not typically in demand for us, we would request you purchase a gallon of it-once you approve of the formula duplication.


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